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Catalog Of eBooks and Courses

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60 Day Money Back GuaranteeWe assure your satisfaction with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We are confident that the products and services we provide are so good that we offer a no-risk, no-obligation promise. We want you to be equally as confident!

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Software Secrets Exposed

Software Secrets - Exposed! - Step By Step Guide to Profitable Software Development

  • Want an online income? - Software has the highest profit margin
  • Step-by-step Instructions - Select, design, plan, and create software
  • Leave nothing out - Blueprint designs to ensure everything is covered
Purchase USD$47

Software Success Stories - Profit From Others Experience In Software Sales

  • Can an ordinary person can succeed? - Others describe their successes to you
  • Wide group of people - Programmer, graphic artist, father of two
  • Variety of approaches - Getting started, or building up, how can you do it?
Purchase USD$47

Software Marketing Cookbook

Software Marketing Cookbook - Step By Step Guide to Profitable Software Development

  • Immensely profitable? - Software has the highest profit margin
  • Precise Guide To Activities - Design, plan, and implement marketing campaigns
  • Leave nothing out - Consider every option to boost your sales
Purchase USD$47

Software Success Starter Kit - Everything You Need To Build A Software Empire

  • How To Market Your Software - A step by step guide to boosting sales
  • How To Get Your Software Made - Clear simple guidelines to producing software
  • Example Guides - Example documentation from real projects
Purchase USD$147

eLance Secrets Exposed!

eLance Secrets Exposed! - Guide to Using eLance For Software Development

  • Having problems with your projects? - Software needsto be clearly an precisely explained
  • Worried about protecting your ideas? - Make sure you properly cover off ownership rights
  • Leave nothing out - Use blueprints to ensure nothing is missed
Purchase USD$27

The Great Software Cookoff

The Great Software Cookoff - Ideas for popular software

  • Want to earn an online income? - Software has one of the highest profit margins ever
  • Need ideas on products to produce? - The Software Cookoff has dozens of great ideas, edited, reviewed, commented on
  • Want to know how a developer thinks? - The Software Cookoff was reviewed by a software engineer with over a dozen years experience
Purchase USD$17

A Guide To Healthy Computing

A Guide To Healthy Computing

  • Stiff Neck And Arms? - Three simple steps for relief
  • Sore Eyes? - How to adjust your monitor
  • Workstation cramped? - Improve the layout
  • Worried About RSI? - Simple exercises to beat it
Purchase USD$27
Free Trouble Shooting Tool
Just pick your module and press 'Report'
Give it away to your customers
DotNetNuke 2.x Module
Lift Your Search Engine Results
Installs in under 5 minutes
Disguise any file type
Hide query strings
Cut Your Bandwidth Use in Half!
Slash download times
Speed up slow SSL pages
Set up in minutes
Increase Your Sales up to 300%
Create your own e-covers
Save on expensive designers
All you need is Photoshop

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