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Links To Useful Information

These links lead to sites I use almost every day to obtain information I need when doing development.

Planet Source Code
Planet Source Code is a great resource for obtaining source code for a wide variety of tasks. In addition, it can often prompt you with ideas on how to carry out a project.

Make Your Own Software
Find out about this excellent tool for quickly building your own software. I'm really impressed by how easy it is to use.

NZRealEstate.Info: Information about the NZ real estate market
This is a new site I started to investigate the uses of RSS and AdSense. It's a work in progress, so a bit rough.

Show Me Right Now
This is a new site I just started to answer questions from people. To get it started I've picked popular questions from the Google search engine, but I'm more interested in questions people ask me, so drop in and let me know if you want something found out.

Leading Autoresponder Service
Anyone doing business online is eventually going to need an autoresponder service. There are a wide range available, but my prefered option is AWeber, a company with a great reputation [with good reason], and even better customer service.

WordTracker is an excellent complement to WebPosition Gold. It provides you with the means to find the best key phrases that apply to your web site, and choose those with the least competition. Thereby helping to ensure that you get as much targeted traffic as possible.

Adept SQL
Adept SQL Diff is simply the best tool I have found for moving changes to SQL Server databases from development into staging and production. The first project I used it on, it saved me half the purchase price in time. And never mind the peace of mind of knowing you haven't missed something out.

Rent A Coder
We strongly recommend Rent A Coder for software development projects if you need immediate action. Their bidding and escrow system provides excellent security and value for money. Please make sure you have a clear idea of your objectives and reasoning, as it makes it much easier and quicker for the developers to respond to, and fulfil your requests.

Software Secrets Exposed
Great advice on how to plan your software projects. This e-book is of great help to me, and I keep going back to it for reminders. This is really useful for both software developers, and their clients, as it shows you how to communicate your ideas clearly, which always leads to a better result.

Winning Without Intimidation
This fantastic e-book provides the philosophical basis for our customer service policy, as well as providing great tips and techniques for improving your personal relationships.
You can order here.
You can also sign up for the free newsletter.

ClickBank Mall
If you liked Winning Without Intimidation, or are interested in being able to search for other great products that are available through ClickBank, the CBMall is a great place to start. If you'd like to find out more about CBMall, you can download this PDF to read about the advantages.

Test Your Sales Copy
Add Split Testing to your ASP.NET
web site in less than 1 hour
No third party server involved
Build a DNN file in seconds
Pick up controls, providers, DLLs,
scripts, images and more
DotNetNuke 2.x Module
Free Trouble Shooting Tool
Just pick your module and press 'Report'
Give it away to your customers
DotNetNuke 2.x Module
Reduce Your Admin Workload
Share administration of pages
Role based delegation
DotNetNuke 1.x and 2.x Module

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