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Search Engine Friendly Filter V2.1

Search Engine Friendly Filter Download Help File (Zipped)
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Disguise dynamic queries

How does this work? In essence, the first page that gets sent to the web browser contains links that are formatted as directories instead of containing querystrings. For example:

instead of a link to 
the link is 

From the point of view of a search engine robot, this is a simple file in a sub directory of the web site.

Convert file extensions

The process of disguising querystrings as directories also makes it possible to change file extensions easily. This means you can disguise ASP files as HTML files, or indeed JSP, CFM, or any sort of file as any other sort of file.

Why do this? Well, it is one of the precautions you can take in order to disguise the type of web server you have to reduce your chances of being hacked effectively. Also, some search engines take notice of file extensions to determine dynamic pages.

Easy installation

What does it take to install? Simply run the MSI package you download, that installs the filter, HTML Help, and a configuration console.

Choose affected sites

Configuring your sites You can configure site in one of two ways. You can either select 'Apply to all sites', which loads the filter into the server application space, or you can select individual sites that you want to use the filter. There is minimal extra load on the server caused by the filter, and almost none when the requests do not need to be modified due to the way the checking is ordered.


The Search Engine Friendly Filter is licensed on a per server basis. You can use it on as many web sites as you like on that server.

When running an unlicensed copy, each request that is modified is delayed by 5 seconds before being passed on to IIS.

Technical Information

The Search Engine Friendly Filter is an ISAPI Filter DLL, designed for use on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and higher, with Internet Information Server (IIS) version 4.0 or higher. This means that it is loaded into the server or website process space where it is included in the chain of events as a request is received by the web site. When a request is received that contains /SEFS/ and /SEFE/ in the directory structure, the filter converts it into a request with a querystring that then continues further down the chain until processed by IIS.

Download Help File (Zipped)   Download Filter   Purchase License USD$39   Request A Key

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