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Create Module Definition Files In Seconds

Module Definition Generator for DotNetNuke View demonstration
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DotNetNuke 2.x
DotNetNuke 3.x
  • Fast - Pick the module, press a button
  • Accurate - Never leave a file behind again
  • Valid - Exactly matches the DNN requirements
  • Eliminates typing errors

Module Definition Generator for DotNetNuke

Do you develop modules for DotNetNuke? Have you spent hours building your DNN definition file by hand, only to find that you missed something out, made a typo, or even just used a capital letter in the wrong place? Then spent hours more trying to work out what you did wrong

This module lets you quickly and easily build your DNN files, simply by choosing the module definition inside DotNetNuke.

As you can quickly tell by looking around this website, I make quite a few DotNetNuke modules. Far more than you see here of course, because many are custom designs by request. I got very tired of manually writing up the XML files for my private assemblies, so I built this to take care of the grunt work.

This module extracts all those manually created and tweaked module definitions from the database and goes to work. This is what it does:

  1. Looks up each module definition and module control
  2. Records the Key, Security, Title and Icon for each
  3. Loads each user control, and records the DLL it comes from
  4. For each DLL, it finds any matching DataProvider DLLs
  5. For each folder listed, record all the files stored there
  6. Removes all code behind, project and solution files
  7. Creates a complete module definition
  8. Puts it in a text box for you

You have to:

  1. Copy and paste it into your Module.DNN file in your project
  2. Remove any files you don't want listed
  3. Tweak anything you want different (I recommend changing the folder name)

The license agreement is simple

  1. You may not resell, decompile, reverse engineer, or modify the executable source.
  2. You may not perform any action which would cause a loss of revenue to L-Space Design.
  3. You may install this product on one web site. That may be multiple DotNetNuke portals, but is only one bin directory.
  4. You may use this module as a premium module if you desire, and may charge for that purpose.
  5. We guarantee nothing, and take no responsibility for any negative effects you may experience, in so far as your local law allows. Any disputes are to be resolved under the laws, and in the courts of Auckland, New Zealand.
  6. We do undertake best efforts to correct any problems that are identified by customers.

Purchase for DNN 2.x USD$37   Purchase For DNN 3.x USD$37

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeWe assure your satisfaction with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We are confident that the products and services we provide are so good that we offer a no-risk, no-obligation promise. We want you to be equally as confident!

If you are not 100% happy with your purchase during the first sixty (60) days after payment, you will receive a full refund!
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