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Frustrated Web Site Owner Unleashes Hell On Ice-Cold Underperforming Sales Letters

"There are two types of companies; those who test, and those who lose money."
-- Declan Dunn

A split test is a way to make more than one version of your website and to see what version of your website converts more visitors into sales. Perhaps you want to test one headline vs another headline, or maybe you want to see if putting the order form on the home page works better than putting the order form on a separate page.

When I began testing on this page, my original version had the following stats:

Visitors:  445 100%
Clicks To Order Page:  70 15.7%
Sales:  5  (of 70)1.1%

Below are the current stats for this page. These figures are pulled directly from Conversion Booster.NET, and are updated once per day. They show you the description of different elements I am testing, and their performance:

 Test Item  Shown  Responses   Rate  
Whole Page - Dynamic Version 1797   8.86 %  
Whole Page - Version 112918   13.95 %  
Headline - Frustrated Web Site Owner242   8.33 %  
Headline - Frustrated Web Site Owner - Red162   12.50 %  
Headline - Make More Money393   7.69 %  
SubHead - Empty Item161   6.25 %  
SubHead - Gain 1212   9.52 %  
SubHead - Quote272   7.41 %  
SubHead - Skyrocket152   13.33 %  
Closing - Empty Item283   10.71 %  
Closing - Version 1323   9.38 %  
Closing - Version 2191   5.26 %  
Paragraph 6 - Empty Item363   8.33 %  
Paragraph 6 - How Does It Work434   9.30 %  
PS - Empty Item223   13.64 %  
PS - Let me know213   14.29 %  
PS - Nowhere Else140   0.00 %  
PS - Stop Losing Sales221   4.55 %  
Order Page - Empty Item1650   0.00 %  
Order Page - Test 1 - Marlon Style1350   0.00 %  
Order Page - Test 2 - Marlon Style1900   0.00 %  
Order Page - Test 3 - Marlon Style660   0.00 %  
Order Page - Test 4 - Marlon Style1830   0.00 %  

How does ConversionBooster.NET work?

Our advanced ASP.NET split testing system tracks visitors 3 DIFFERENT ways. In order it uses:

  1. A cookie to your visitors browser
  2. Their ASP.NET session (even if cookieless)
  3. The combination of their IP Address and browser "User Agent", because some ISPs reuse IP addresses

They then view the page you are testing, where your test is seamlessly included, with no way for the visitor to tell. It tracks if they make a purchase. The visitors are automatically "split" or distributed to each of your versions. The versions with the best results are shown more often to boost sales rapidly. If they return, they see the same page! This way YOU can measure how each of your pages is performing based on the changes you made!

Click Here and Order Conversion Booster.NET NOW.

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeWe assure your satisfaction with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We are confident that the products and services we provide are so good that we offer a no-risk, no-obligation promise. We want you to be equally as confident!

If you are not 100% happy with your purchase during the first sixty (60) days after payment, you will receive a full refund!
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