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How to Win the Lottery

Basically, you can't. Random draw lotteries are VERY carefully designed not to be predictable. And any 'system' is basically claiming to be able to predict results.

Let me describe the only VERIFIABLE case of choosing to win the lottery that I know of. It begins with a US State lottery reaching a record $110,000,000 jackpot. A group of about 15 people got together, and created an analysis of the prize distribution, including the effects of what they planned to do. They took that plan to the bank, and borrowed $5,500,000 on the strength of that plan. So the bank was satisfied they could be certain of making enough money to at least pay the bank back. Then they went out and TRIED to purchase EVERY SINGLE COMBINATION possible. Now that is a huge logistical exercise. So huge in fact, that they failed, they only managed to purchase 98% of the possible combinations. But they still won the jackpot, plus enough money from the lesser prizes to pay for the bank loan.

Having said all that, if you still want to look at systems, here are some you can try.

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