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ClickBank search for ASP.NET

What is this page? Well, I'm intending to release a new product, you're playing with it right now in fact. You have probably seen sites such as SearchFeast that provide a popup search page for ClickBank products. Well I wanted one for my ASP.NET web site, but I haven't been able to find one, so this is the result of my testing.

Please, try it out, and let me know what you think of it. There's some directions for using the search on the help link below. I'd love to get feedback on usability, accuracy, and what you think of my pricing. Which incidentally, I'm think of licensing as USD$37 per ClickBank ID. That lets you use the same ID on multiple sites if you want.

Search:      Help
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Reduce Your Admin Workload
Share administration of pages
Role based delegation
DotNetNuke 1.x and 2.x Module
Get Listed in Google Faster
Installs in under 10 minutes
Builds Google Site Map automatically
Encourage Google to visit your site
Find Coding Errors Faster
Organise your code by purpose
Easily follow your code logic
Visual Basic 6.0 Code Viewer
ClickBank Search Engine
Boost your revenue in just a few minutes
Easy to set up
Extremely flexible

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