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About L-Space Design

L-Space Design is a small software development business based in Auckland, New Zealand. It began in early April 2002 with the release of an add-in for Visual Basic 6.0.

No doubt you are wondering about the name, although a Terry Pratchett fan may well have already worked it out. In the depths of a discussion on the library at the Unseen University, in Ankh-Morepork, is a description of the nature and properties of Library Space (L-Space).

When large accumulations of books and other knowledge are gathered together, such as in a library, the weight of knowledge begins to distort the fabric of space and time, eventually creating openings into L-Space. By passing through L-Space, a knowledgeable librarian can retrieve any piece of information from any library that ever existed.

Our mission

What are we here to do? Provide the means for people to make use of the accumulated information that is available to them, and render it into more immediately useful forms.

Every business has processes and activities that are dependent on specialist knowledge and experience. And every so often, something happens that means they have to expand or adapt those processes. Someone moves on, the business grows, the rules change.

You need a way to capture that experience, so that it can be used consistently by multiple people. You need to let your customers keep their own information up to date, contact you easily, and make orders. You have to make sure that everyone knows what the rules are, or that they follow even when they are not aware of it.

Your systems need to expand to meet increased demand. Better reliability, faster response times, higher availability. Everything needs to work.

At L-Space Design, it is our objective to provide you with the tools you really need to keep everything on track. If you are interested, you can find out more about our philosophy.

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer .NET Early Adopter  Microsoft Certified Professional 
070-316 C# Windows Applications 070-176 Visual Basic 6.0 Desktop Applications
070-315 C# Web Applications 070-069 Microsoft Access 95 Developer
070-320 C# XML Web Services 070-160 Windows Architecture I
070-229 SQL Server 2000 Design
070-300 .NET Solution Architectures
Cut Your Bandwidth Use in Half!
Slash download times
Speed up slow SSL pages
Set up in minutes
Increase Your Sales up to 300%
Create your own e-covers
Save on expensive designers
All you need is Photoshop
Reduce Your Admin Workload
Share administration of pages
Role based delegation
DotNetNuke 1.x and 2.x Module
Free Trouble Shooting Tool
Just pick your module and press 'Report'
Give it away to your customers
DotNetNuke 2.x Module

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